Car Rental

NIHH have a fleet of vehicles that are regularly cycled to ensure that they are new, clean and well maintained. Small medium and larger vehicles are available. Your car is delivered to the airport, and can be returned to the airport at the time of your departure. Quality, modern and reliable rental vehicles. Excellent customer service. Cars from $75
per day. There is an excess of $750.

Type A: CAR

Auto Hatchback / Stationwagon $75

Group A is a small to medium vehicle suitable for up to 5 people.


SUV-4WD $85

Group B is a 5-seater (SUVs 4wd, Rav 4 CRV, X-trail) or 6-seater large Station Wagons

Type C: VAN

7 & 8 seater coaches $95

Group C is suitable for 7-8 people (Toyota Previa).

Truck A

A smaller vehicle 4WD $75 per day

Truck B

A larger truck 4WD $85 per day

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