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Summer Holiday Destination: Norfolk Island

As the weather starts to warm up, and you start looking forward to the festive break from work, it’s a great time to start planning your summer holidays.

Summer holidays are traditionally the busiest time of the year for most Australian and New Zealand beach-side locations, and Norfolk Island is no exception. Even though the flights do dictate the amount of people who can be on the Island in any given week, the numbers do swell to maximums compared to other times of the year and it is recommended that you book your accommodation in advance.

But that being said, it still remains a peaceful, relaxing destination to chill out and disconnect from the pressures of work and life. The beach at Emily Bay is serene, accessible, and barely packed with people. Forget peak hour, or sitting in your car all day trying to get 2 hours up (or down) the coast – there is no traffic at all on the Island to be concerned about. Once you arrive from Sydney or Brisbane on your plane flight, you can be assured that any location around the Island is a mere 10 minute drive, at the most. The only wait time will be watching the contented cows crossing the roads in front of you…

norfolk island accommodation

The water temperatures are perfect for floating around in, or book a fishing charter and head out on the water. Here on Norfolk Island, we refer to this popular hobby as ‘catching’. You can be gauraneteed that you will have a feed of delicious deep-water fish for at least a few days after a half day of fishing the abundant Norfolk Island waters.

Stroll around the shops in town and then park up for the afternoon at one of the many cafes, restaurants or sporting clubs – all serving fresh meals using locally sourced produce and often freshly caught fish (in case you didn’t get out on the water!).

The evenings through the summer barely drop below 21 degrees, so many of your nights will be spend chilling on the deck of any of our Norfolk Island holiday homes looking out across the stunning natural landscape, with a sky full of stars with nothing but the crickets to be heard.


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